February 2003

Initials of the fantastic five, the original five digits of the SBG hand:
(Dr. & idealist) JJF, (angry webmaster) DO, (the human snowblower) CJ, (Reverend) NM, (ideologue, subversive, provocateur, architect) JC
- all responsible for the "PEACE" project below.

Unfortunately a light dusting of snow thereafter subtlely obscured the work.

The caption reads: "Members of the university community rose from their beds Wednesday morning to find the word 'peace' etched into the snow on the side of Horse Barn Hill. The 'peace' sign was visible to travelers on Route 195 and to residents of Towers."

All inspired by this:
“My colleagues, every statement I make today is backed up by sources, solid sources. These are not assertions. What we are giving you are facts and conclusions based on solid intelligence."
Secretary of State Colin Powell before the United Nations, 2/5/03

Powell's Case for Iraq War Falls Apart 6 Months Later

On February 5, 2003, Colin Powell stood before the world and proved that he too had been drinking copious quantities of neo-conservative Kool-Aid. If you were paying attention, it was enough to make you mad. Maybe even mad enough to pick up a shovel…

On the night of Tuesday, February 11, 2003, five guys spent about five hours carving five big letters into a snowy hillside in Storrs, CT. And just like that, the Soggy Boot Gang was born.

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Peace Ribbon
March '05

Peace Symbol
January '05

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Peace Sign
March '03

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