February 2004

Round III: 2/1/04, Superbowl Sunday, “NO Dubya” by JJF, KF, (the big IDEA) AD, (1st time walk-on) ZC, JC…

All inspired by this:
MoveOn vs. CBS

I (anonymous SBG member) am a life-long Pats fan & seeing them play in the SuperBowl is important to me… But its not as important as the First Amendment. A lot of people have American flags on their cars… “United We Stand,” & now its all about “Supporting the Troops” with a yellow ribbon or flag ribbon on your gas-guzzling SUV…

Let’s end tyranny & bomb the brown people who are guilty of living on top of our petroleum because, after all, “Freedom’s not Free…”

Unfortunately, most of these flag-waving citizens didn’t even blink when CBS took a gigantic dump on the very notion of a free marketplace of ideas…

If Viacom won’t let you use their billboard, CREATE YOUR OWN!!!

Free Speech: use it or lose it!

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