March 2003

Round II: Unfortunately, this time around our spiritual leader, the reverend, NM, was back in “Nickaragua…” Thankfully, his spot in the five-man rotation was amply filled by the introduction of “Brown Power” (FG). The rest of the gang - JJF, DO, CJ, & JC - remained intact.

Picture by IL - member SBG

All inspired by this:
"Obviously, I think there's been some political belittling of duct tape…" Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge, 2/14/03

It's finally here! The Soggy Boot Gang response to duct tape and plastic!

After a month of mushroom cloud rhetoric, orange alerts, and the war party’s relentless saber rattling, the Gang felt impelled to take action. Remarkably, our political ambitions coincided with a really good snowstorm… The hill had 15”-24” of powder on it & our first actual “peace sign” was glaringly evident for several weeks.

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