Like-Minded Projects and Other Links

Pictures that a friend took of a peace sign at Ground Zero in New York City.

A snow symbol from across the pond (in the UK) corresponding with our earliest work (Feb '03).

We wish we could take credit for it, but alas we cannot.

A group called "Baring Witness" takes its message to the people in a natural manner. It's an impressive body of work . . . no, it really is.

WARNING: This site contains absolutely harmless/benevolent nudity.

This site employs signage and locations mainly on freeways to communicate messages of peace and protest.

The one at left reads "QUAGMIRE ACCOMPLISHED."

Question the patriotism of bumper magnets, etc...

Read the Fourth Paragraph of this online article for Soggy Boot Gang press - anonymous though it may be.

The complete aerial photograph of the March '03 peace symbol.

Song Lyrics at about walking peace signs in the snow.

Minutes of a Board of Trustees Meeting from Boulder, Colorado explaining why what we do is probably illegal, at least in CO. See the bottom of page 5 for the interchange between Officer Katapodes and Mark Rolofson. Another source

Read the Fifth Paragraph of this online article for more information on the dangers of promoting peace in the snow.

OR go to the Fan Photos page to see pictures others have taken of our work: pictures we've found on the net. These pictures are linked to their sources.

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March '13

Peace Ribbon
March '05

Peace Symbol
January '05

March '04

No W
February '04

Peace Sign
March '03

February '03

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